Friday, 28 May 2010

Week of win: Friday Prizes.

I have to say a huge thanks again to everyone for making me squee with happiness at my first contest. So, in celebration of my 100+ followers, here are the lovelies on offer today.

Either the U.K. paperback of Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins or The Book Of A Thousand Days by Shannon Hale.

And that's not all.

You also get a handy A5 notebook from my favourite stationary shop Paperchase. The perfect size for popping in your bag for those 'flashes of inspiration' moments.

And (even though I keep wanting to eat them myself) a yummy box of mini chocolate Melts from Thorntons.

And, for the fun, here is today's Mad Lib.

I ________because I wanted__________. Then the _______ _________ and I cried.

Time to make me smile (and maybe a cup of tea, nose snort) and be in awe at your genius. :)

And don't forget to let me know your book preference. I loved them both so please don't ask me to choose. It's too hard. :)
Although I did read Hex Hall in two days if that helps.

Prizes will be drawn on Monday 31st of May. There is still time to enter for Monday and Wednesday's selection of book-goodness if you haven't already.

Happy Friday. :)


Vicki Rocho said...

I'm trying (really trying) but I only just crawled out of bed (5 a.m. here) and my brain is NOT cooperating! Will come back if the brain freeze finally thaws.

Theresa Milstein said...

What a fun idea!

I wrote because I wanted to be a celebrity. Then the rejections poured in and I cried.

It's not really true. I can't think of anything else at this early hour.

Matthew MacNish said...

These are so fun! Thanks for doing another.

I turned the lights off because I wanted my headache to end. Then the door slammed and I cried.

Today's guest blogger is THE Elana Johnson!

Tahereh said...

omg this is brilliant!! and i already own and have read both books, but, uh, those UK covers are AWESOME and so i'd be happy with either, truly. perhaps HEX HALL?

ok ok: I ran after the truck because I wanted ice cream. Then the truck turned out to be a van that turned out to be my mother's and I cried.



Unknown said...

I have Shannon's book, but I haven't read Hex Hall yet. I want to, though.

I sprinted because I wanted chocolate. Then the Easter Bunny bolted and I cried.

(Okay, now I have a craving for chocolate. Not good.)

Karen Jones Gowen said...

Okay here goes. I ate chocolate because I wanted comfort. Then the scale said ouch and I cried.

Yes, I want chocolate still!!

Christina Lee said...

I queryied because I wanted requests for pages. Then the waiting game began and I cried.

Renae said...

What great prizes again...Hex Hall looks good.

Please keep in mind I'm on summer break so the brain turns to mush but here goes...I bolted to the mall because I wanted new shoes. Then the sale ended and I cried.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Mayowa said...

You get mucho cool points for having a favorite stationary shop.

Lets see here...

I ran because I wanted you. Then the missus returned and I cried.

Shannon said...

Happy Friday, Lindsay!

Either book looks wonderful. :)

And once again, I had Mike help me with the mad lib:

I danced because I wanted peanuts. Then the coconut cats and I cried.

Lydia Kang said...

I sat because I wanted to rest. Then the tack sank into my butt and I cried.

So lame, I know.

I'm excited about your contest! I guess I'd like Hex Hall. I've heard great things about it!

Hannah said...

I pouted because I want food. Then the stomach rebelled and I cried.

Have a great weekend!!

Clara said...

I ate chocolate because I wanted to do it so bad. Then the belly got bigger and I cried.

Anonymous said...

Fun contest! Wish I hadn't been so busy this week so I could've played from the start. Here's mine (a true one BTW)

I laundered because I wanted clothes. Then the washing machine overflowed and I cried.

Congrats on reaching 100+ followers!

Unknown said...

You have to read SB. It's amazing. I finished it yesterday. It's the best one of the series yet. (Of course no one else is going to understand this comment. )

Jemi Fraser said...

It's been that kind of week, so...

I waited because I wanted to know. Then the ghost appeared & I cried.

I'd pick Hex Hall first, but both sound fabulous :)

Unknown said...

I own Hex Hall so I'll choose the other book for the win :)

I watched because I wanted him. Then the she followed and I cried.

Not my best but I gave it a good whirl at least!

Lindsay said...

Vicki. Don't worry. Early mornings do that to my brain too. :)

Theresa. Heehee. It's the writer dilemma mad lib.

Matthew. Yay, glad you like the mad lib theme.

Tahereh. I love the covers too. It always amazes me how different our covers are sometimes. Great creative mad lib too. :)

Stina. Yay to chocolate. Pesky Easter Bunny for running away. :)

KarenG. I want chocolate too. Great pmad lib. :)

Christina. Haha. Its a mad lib query motto. :)

Renae. Summer break = brain allowed to have a little relax. I'd cry if the shoe sale ended too. :)

Mayowa. Aww, I love coolness points. Great mad lib too.

Shannon. I think Mike is a secret mad lib genius. :)

Lydia. Lol. It's not lame. It made me smile. :)

Palindrome. Like the mad lib. Food = yay. Have a great weekend too. :)

Clara. Heehee. kind of mad lib. :)

Jana. That's okay for coming in ate. Glad you back. Oh, and the mad lib makes so much sense after reading your post. :)

Stina. Oh the torment. SB is everywhere and everyone is saying how awesome it is. I'm hurrying through the others as quick as I can. Damn me coming late to this series. (heehee, I get what you mean).

Jemi. I think the that kind of a week thing is going round. I've had one too. :)

Jen. Awww, it sounds lik a passage from a novel. Great mad lib. said...

Can't wait to win these and eat the chocolates whilst writing inspirational thoughts in my new notebook...I am forever an optimist.

I laughed because I wanted to. Then reality hit and I cried.


I LOVE Book of a Thousand Days!!! Shannon Hale rocks!!

I have both these books. AWESOME!!

Nishant said...

These are so fun!
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