Thursday, 21 October 2010

Books. Books. Books: Well Hello My Pretties.

First, I'll be working my way through my inbox today to reply to comments from the last few days. The cold made a return over the last couple of days so I've been snuffling in bed. I blame the goddaughter. She got it back and re-germed me, but all seems clear this morning. :)

Second, a huge hello to my new followers. *waves* Nice to have you here on the journey.

You all know I love my books. I make no secret that I let out a huge squee of excitement when Atom Books said they were releasing a UK limited edition set of white Twilight covers.I got so excited I even ordered two sets to give away over at Operation Awesome. If you'd like to win a set feel free to pop over and enter before October 31st.

I'm not the only one excited by these covers. Myrna McEntire is as well.

Want to peek at the covers? Here's one of them:

Anyway, my lovelies arrived last week and are now living happy on my bookcase. I also just sent a set across to one of my amazing CP's, Katrina (a.k.a my book enabler).

I also took delivery of a pretty copy of Nightshade by Andrea Cremer! Unfortunately it came while I was out. When I got home my dear old Dad gave the the 'how many more books are you expecting' eye roll. So, for now, I've had to put a hold on ordering anymore books for myself this month. Sniff.

I guess I'll just have to start making a list of what I want to order now. Sorry Dad, the postman will be paying lots of visits to the door in November/December. hee hee.

What about you. Got any good books lately?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Tell him they're Christmas gifts to yourself!

Renae said...

I just bought Nightshade lastnight. Of course I had to sneak it in the house. I have got to get my hands on those Twilight books. They are gorgeous!!!

Hannah Kincade said...

I bought a couple of bloggers ebooks but that's pretty much it lately. I've been so wrapped up in nano prepping I've just been reading what I have on hand.

Amparo Ortiz said...

NIGHTSHADE, baby!!! I am soooo angry I have classes and can't spend hours reading it. Yep. It's that good.

So sorry for the stupid cold striking again! Get well soon!

Katrina L. Lantz said...

Ooh, thank you so much for Myrna's link! She has some amazing squee-inducing photos of these books. I didn't know the spines were SHINY foil! Now I'm even more excited! Thank you so much for ordering them for me.

(sorry for getting you in trouble with Dad)

My good books:

Hex Hall, A Great and Terrible Beauty, The Sisters Grimm (These have been on my "reading now" for a month. That's how swamped I feel with everything else. Soon, my pretties. Soon...)

Jen Daiker said...

I'm patiently waiting for The Hunger Games series to arrive, and a little known ARC I won't share out loud will soon be arriving in my mail, hoping SOON!!!

I am so jealous of those beautiful Twilight novels... dying for a set.