Thursday, 25 November 2010


While we don't celebrate the day here in the UK, I figure I can still wish everyone who does a wonderful day. And, because I can, I wanted to take the time to give thanks to some wonderful people:

The Operation Awesome gang: Amparo, Katrina, Kristal, Michelle, Kelly and Angie.

The B.B.W (Best Beta in the World), Renae.

And the blogging community. That means YOU reading this (yes, I see you!). This journey is a million times better for travelling with all of you.

So I gobbled together a little picture:


Note: I don't think many of these delicious birds will be happy today. Mine is. Why is my turkey happy? Because the little guy (who I've named Colin) is British (naturally). This means he gets a reprieve until December 25th. I call the leg! Mwahahaha. 

Now I'm off to indulge in my edits. Enjoy the holiday and have a big slice of pie for me. :)


Amparo Ortiz said...

The gratitude is aaaaall mine!! Thanks for being... wait for it... so awesome!!

Sucks that you don't celebrate the turkey. But hey, you can still eat one! I bet that'll help with revisions, right? Right???

Deb Salisbury said...

LOL! Happy not-Thanksgiving Day!

Vicki Rocho said...

Enjoy your holiday-by-association.

Talli Roland said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm so grateful for the wonderful blogging community, too.

Katrina L. Lantz said...

Poor Colin, doesn't know what's coming! (Don't eat the lard, Colin!)

Lindsay, how many ways do you save me on a daily basis? I'm afraid to count.

Thank you for being my own personal Mary Poppins (in every job that must be done, there is an element of fun, you find the fun and SNAP, the job's a game!)...

And thank you for reading my horrible first draft stuff and still letting me believe there's hope. I'll always love you for that!

Happy editing!

Lenny Lee* said...

hi miss lindsay! i wish you could of been here for thanksgiving. on of my brothers cooked a rum cake that we took at our cousins house where we ate. yikes! it was yummy rummy. you could get drunk on it for sure. ha ha. im just real thankful for all my blogger friends too. i hope you have a really nice weekend.
...hugs from lenny

Anonymous said...

Colin, run, run. ;)

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

Christina Lee said...

AWW thanks for the well-wishes! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Nice post!

I enjoy Thanksgiving because it's a sanctioned pig-out day. No diets allowed. Yipee!!!!! :D