Friday, 25 February 2011

Tributes & Awesome

It's Friday! 

It's been a mixed week. The sad news is that YA author, L.K. Madigan lost her battle with cancer. My thoughts are with her family and friends. You can also read a post from her agent, Jennifer Laughran, here.

I haven't read her books, but (after hearing so many wonderful things about them) I shall be rectifying that soon. 


In other news... March 1st sees Operation Awesome's Mystery Agent contest. Here are the details. 

1) Entry limit: 75 entrants.

2) Pitch length: 140 characters. Think Tweet. Since we're talking 140 characters, Title and Genre don't have to be part of the pitch -- add them on to the comment somewhere.

3) Genres: YA (especially thriller, cyberpunk, horror, historical romance); MG; women's fiction; romance (especially with a strong, female heroine).

We think it's going to be awesome! Not only has super generous March M.A. asked for a twitter-length pitch, which is just fun, but also raised the entry limit from fifty to seventy-five! That means we get to read 25 more pitches. So feel free to spread the word. 

Happy Friday everyone.


Stina Lindenblatt said...

I still can't believe I hadn't heard of the author or the books. *hangs head in shame*

Kate said...

I haven't read either of Madigan's books yet either. I'll have to add them to my list. It's sad that she can't create anymore.

Lindsay N. Currie said...

I hopped over to her last post and it was absolutely heartbreaking. A terrible loss for the publishing world.

Janet Johnson said...

I hadn't heard of her either, but I'm with you . . . after reading all the tributes, sounds like some great books I'm missing out on.

So sad for her family. :(

Jemi Fraser said...

The mystery agent has great taste! Wish my ms was ready!

Regina said...

My manuscript is far from ready for this but it sounds totally awesome. Great news for others though!