Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Jack Sparrow, Mystery Agent Contests, And Wednesday LOLS

I'm over on Operation Awesome today. Last week was my potty training/writing analogy. This week I'm sharing writing wisdom from Jack Sparrow.

Also, I have to let you know that July 1st will be Mystery Agent time over on Operation Awesome. More details to follow, but here are the genre details our M.A. is especially looking for:

YA and MG: southern gothic, historical fiction, magical realism, science fiction, supernatural/ paranormal, ghost stories, humor, fantasy, thriller/ suspense, edgy YA, friendship MG. 

And now some Wednesday lolcats:

Happy Wednesday!


Jen Daiker said...

This is made of some serious awesome. I'm sad I can't be a part of the mystery agent contest. After all I write chick lit and I don't fit... :(

Matthew MacNish said...


Emily Rittel-King said...

"...edit your face." Classic!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Not a mystery writer.
I dig the first cat!

Bethany Elizabeth said...

hehe, loved the pictures!