Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Kindness Project

I'm excited to have been asked to join The Kindness Project! Yay!  What is The Kindness Project? Read on...

Too often kindness is relegated to a random act performed only when we’re feeling good. But an even greater kindness (to ourselves and others) occurs when we reach out even when we aren't feeling entirely whole. It’s not easy, and no one is perfect. But we’ve decided it’s not impossible to brighten the world one smile, one kind word, one blog post at a time. To that end, a few of us writers have established The Kindness Project, starting with a series of inspirational posts. We post the second Wednesday of every month. Want to join us? Grab our button and spread a little kindness.  

When the awesome Lola Sharp asked me to join The Kindness Project, naturally I said yes. Then I started to panic. Why? Because I don't even feel qualified to talk about being kind. Or to spread any sort of inspirational message about being kind. So I spent a while thinking about what to write. Then I procrastinated by Googling random stuff. 

And I found this quote: 

Image via Google 

It got me thinking that an act of kindness, however large or small, should be offered without expecting repayment. We do something nice because we want to do it. 

It doesn't even have to be a huge gesture. A smile. Holding open a door. And how often does a nice comment on a bad day make all the difference? Kindness is like a hug you can't feel. The gesture may not change lives, but the fact that you took the time makes all the difference. 

It may even inspire someone to pay it forward. 

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Stina Lindenblatt said...

This is so true. It is the little things that go a long way. :D

Alina said...

Hear hear! And I love that quote.

Anonymous said...

I love this post! That's exactly how I perceive kindness, something that I give with no expectation of being repaid.
And yes, a smile goes a LONG way to brightening someone's day!

April W Gardner said...

Wow. Cool quote.
This topic reminds of that commercial where someone does a random nice thing for someone, then you see the one who benefited doing something nice for someone else. It goes on for 5 or 6 characters, all experiencing kindness then repaying it by being kind to someone else. I think it's just a commercial about kindness. I might have to google it to find it!

April W Gardner said...

I found it!

And it's a commercial for a bank. LOL

Barbara Watson said...

"The gesture may not change lives." So very true. But it might change ours.

As I've been reading through the Kindness posts today, there has been much mention of time. It's the one thing we can't get back, but we can certainly give.

Michele Shaw said...

I love it when someone looks at me with surprise after I thank them. It 's then that I know they were kind just because, completely without thought of what they might get out of it. And is always makes me smile.

Matthew MacNish said...


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Amen! Kindness must be a gift, not a trade.

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

That's such a great quote, and an important message. Kindness with strings isn't kindness. Not rally. But kindness given for kindness' sake? It's truly astonishing and can have such immense impact.

So glad to have you join the project! :D

Lola Sharp said...

Oh I love that quote you found. <3
And, you ARE so qualified for this project, you're always thoughtful and generous...kind.

I'm so pleased you joined the project. :)


Sarah said...

That's a beautiful quote! And I think being kind is about stepping outside oneself--so letting go of the idea of "payback" should be part of that. Great post!

LTM said...

LOVE!!! And I love the idea of the sun warming the earth and expecting nothing in return. That's paying it forward for sure. Thanks, Lindsay! :o) <3

Christa Desir said...

Yes. And I think you're right about paying it forward. The kindness has become a bit infectious after a few months. We shall spread it all over the interwebs.

Sara B. Larson said...

We were on the same wavelength! I agree completely, sometimes it's the little things that can completely change someone's day. And how much effort does it take to say something nice or hold open a door? Not much. Love it!

Sophia Chang said...

omg that quote is SO GORGEOUS. Like UGH gorgeous. I feel it.

Sara McClung said...

Kindness with wanting something in return is more like a favor, I think. And doing something kind withOUT wanting something back is one of the best kindnesses we can give ourselves anyway.

I'm glad you're a part of the kindness project :)

Claire Hennessy said...

I so agree. Otherwise we just get resentful. Love the quote too.

erica m. chapman said...

So So true. I LOVE that quote!! Small gestures can make a huge difference. You never know what that small moment of kindness may trigger in the person you're being kind to. Maybe they will Pay it Forward, maybe they were having one of the worst days of their lives, and you made them think, even for a moment, "hey someone likes me."

Great post!! Welcome to the project ;o)

Christina Lee said...

I love that quote (And that sentiment). And what do you MEAN? You are the PERFECT person for just this kind of thing!

Charmaine Clancy said...

Sounds like a beautiful project. Best of luck with it :)

Writer Pat Newcombe said...

Yes. There's not enough kindness in the world. If there was just a little more we wouldn't have the strife we have! A great post and love the quote...