Tuesday, 20 April 2010

OMG! prizes

To celebrate follower milestones the awesome Stina and Steena are holding an OMG competition.

If you haven't visited their blogs yet now is your chance.

Rules are simple just be a follower of both blogs and fill in the form. So go on, enter in both places, there are cool prizes to win. Promise.

From Stina: A $20 or $15 book gift card (don't worry if you are international like me and win, she will figure a prize out).

From Steena: Query Critique by Camy Tang from Story Sensei and a first page critique from Slushbusters. Oh yeah and chocolate prize too.

Go on, show your love to Stina & Steena by May 3rd 11:59 EST and see what happens on May 6th when the winners are picked.


Matthew MacNish said...

Cool links, I'll have to go check them out. Thanks for sharing Lindsay.

JE said...

I always love a blog contest. Thanks!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the heads up! Shooting over there now :))

Have a great day!

Steena Holmes said...

Awww, thanks Lindsay ;)

Emily Ann Benedict said...

Interesting sounding contest. :) Chocolate is always a good motivator. Thanks for sharing!
(btw, Ms. Diamond sent me over:)

Roxy said...

What a cool contest. I posted an award for you today. :)

Tory said...

Hi, Lindsay! Aren't we the lucky ones (Don't you just love the yellow boots Roxy gave us?). I noticed your blog and had to check it out. Also, the post about boys and poop is hilarious! Thanks for reminding us that fiction characters should have realistic traits. Have a great Tuesday, and I'd love for you to check out my blog. Tory

Lindsay said...

Matthew, Justine and Nicole. I'm glad you liked the links. Plus the blogs are awesome too:)

Steena. Gotta share how you rock:)

Emily - Thanks for following. And I agree, chocolate = good motivator.

Roxy. Aww, thanks for the award:)

Tory. Nice to have you here. Plus, we share some funky yellow boots now too:) Oh, and I've just become a follower of you too.

lisa and laura said...

Fabulous links! So many fun things happening in the blogosphere right now.

Vicki Rocho said...

what's this? A contest I can qualify for??? Gotta love that!

Thanks for the add today! I've returned the favor and am looking forward to coming back for a more leisurely stroll through your postings!

Happy writing!

Hannah said...

woo-hoo!! contests!

Anonymous said...

Very good question