Monday, 7 June 2010

Book Tales.


I braved the unusual British heat --and a very hot car without air conditioning -- to go pick up my waiting copy of The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner.

But that's not my point.

While lurking, I mean perusing the shelves, I helped a young girl find a copy of Rebel by R.J.Anderson. I knew where to find it on the shelf. I also knew which shop to find a copy if it wasn't there!

Another shop and another helping moment. Teenager is looking for a book. I recommend a book I thought she might enjoy...

As teen and her mum walk to pay I wonder if I've become some unauthorised bookshop helper?

Am I the guardian angel of book recommendations for random people who cross my path?

Please end my misery. Tell me I'm not the only one who does this.

For the funny...check out today's post from Tahereh for twenty free ways to love your manuscript.

I promise you will smile. :)


Alesa Warcan said...

You are not the only one who does this, I've done it a few times in bookstores, but I tend to do it a lot more in the library.
It's only natural for people who love books to know the environment in which books thrive, and if they're nice it isn't surprising that they help others. Good job! : j

Anonymous said...

haha @vicki- im the same, it drives me crazy! im like 'their not here! they've gone to LUNCH!! GAH!'

i can't say im good in bookshops, but can always give a good recommendation or blab about a book... perhaps to the point of blabbing people into coma's of boredom.... but im having fun!!

JustineDell said...

I would love to find someone like you in the bookstore! Then maybe I wouldn't wonder around aimlessly trying to find a good book.


Matthew Rush said...

I think it's great that you do this.

And Tahereh is the best ever!

Jaydee Morgan said...

I'm pretty much lost in my own little world when I'm in a bookstore but good for you for recommending books like that! I'm going to have to start paying more attention to those around me when I'm book shopping.

Amparo Ortiz said...

Do you have any idea how many times I wished an actual employee knew how to help me??? I've been living in the wrong country all this time!

I helped out a girl once, though. She was looking for the graphic novels section, and the employee had no clue where it was, so I pointed toward it.

Don't freak out over being helpful, Lindsay. Helping others makes you awesome. :D

Stina Lindenblatt said...

I do the same thing. Teens don't know what to make of me. ;)

Tahereh's blog is my next stop. I can't wait to see what she has planned for today's post.

Tahereh said...

ok, firstly, I THINK I'M THAT PERSON, TOO. it's so embarrassing. i'm totes, like, CHECKING PEOPLE OUT in the aisles, mostly because i'm itching to be all, "omg omg what genre do you read? do you like YA? you should it's so great you should read this and this and this..."

i should be kicked out, i'm sure.

but somehow, i just waver in the background and appear more stalkerish than helpful.

you, on the other hand, are doing many a good deed! so bravo! hehe

(and do let us know what you think of Bree Tanner, yes?)

and thanks so much for the linkage, love! you're a sweetheart :D :D

Bethany Elizabeth said...

You're not the only one - I know lots of people who do that, me included! I do it with fantasy books a lot, going up to random people, "Hey, you look lost, do you want to read an awesome fantasy book?"
Weird looks in return, occasionally a, "Heck yes! Any recommendations?"

Danyelle said...

Definitely not alone. :) But it always feels good to help people, right? :D

Shannon said...

Nope. Not alone. :) Besides, how can you resist encouraging a teen to read? :)

Creepy Query Girl said...

I think its great that you're able to point people in the right direction. This doesn't happen to me, mostly because my local bookstores only sell books in french and I still don't like to bite the bullet and read recent YA in french. I guess I'm a snob when it comes to the original versions of things.

Jen said...

I dib thee the guardian angel of book recommendations, haha!!! Loved it, what an awesome post! I love when I'm in a bookstore and get to help out a fellow reader find their next amazing book! I feel so accomplished! Nerdy I know!

I plan on giving you a bit of linky love tomorrow for those awesome books I won on your blog! Just thought you'd like to know!!! :) Thanks again for the contest! Squee!!! I'm still doing my happy dance!

Kimberly Franklin said...

You are not the only one who does that. :)

I hope you enjoy Bree Tanner, I am.

Happy Monday!!

Lydia Kang said...

I think people give me a look and wonder, "Why is she perusing the teen section? Shouldn't she be paying attention to her kid who's trying to destroy the display over there?"

Renae said...

Bree Tanner is wonderful! And I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who "Helps" people. I swear my family is getting to the point they won't go near a bookstore with me. Great post! You made my day.

Jemi Fraser said...

I do it too :) I thought it was just habit from finding the right books for my students, but I guess it's far more common than that!

~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

I do this too! I know the bookstore layout pretty well by now, and point people in the direction of the genre they seek or title they're searching for. It's nice to feel like an expert of sorts!

Susan Fields said...

Sounds like you need a job in a bookstore (which, by the way, if I ever have to find a job again, will be the first place I look - if I can't be writing I at least want to be surrounded by books all day!)

Vatche said...

You're not the only one. I not only recommend people books, I recommend them authors, then my favorite books by those authors, then authors that write in the same style or genre. I'm like almost..."If you like might also like..." I like engaging in a conversation though with a person, who enjoys the same authors as I do and hear their opinions about writing. Cool post, Lindsay (A.K.A Isabella) and write on!

Talei said...

Ah its always good to help those lost angels in bookstores! Nice one! I usually find myself checking what others are reading too. Not just in bookstores but in the streets, on trains, in the park. ;)

Lindsay (a.k.a Isabella) said...

Alesa. Yay, it's not just me.

Vicki. lol. I'm the same with fixing clothes and picking things up. :)

Miss Ali. That is just as good as helping someone in a bookshop. I love going to blogs and reading about awesome books. Your recommendation of Beautiful Malice was great. :)

Justine. Aww, if I was anywhere near you I'd help you in the boostore. Promise. :)

Matthew. Aww thanks.

Jaydee. I get lost in my own world sometimes too. I just can't resist helping a lost looking book fan.

Amparo. Yup, you need to come live near me then I can help you in bookshops. :)

Stina. Yay fellow helper. I sometimes wonder what teens think of me when I help too. Luckily I'm a petite shrimp with a young face standing in YA so my disguise is perfect. lol.

Tahereh. You are welcome for the linkage. I love that you help people too. I like to peek what other people are reading as well. :)
Promise I will let you know what I think of Bree Tanner too.

Christina. Yay, welcome to the helping club.
I will give you a full rundown of Bree Tanner. :)

Bethany. I'd love someone to give me a recommendation about Fantasy books. Never know where to start. lol.

Danyelle. Oh yeah. It always feels good to help. :)

Shannon. Lol, I know. I'm encouraging them one teen at a time. heehee.

CQG. Aww, if you ever come to my little corner of England I'll help you with the books. :) I don't think I'd like to read YA in French either. Plus the fact that my French isn't that good is a barrier. lol.

Sandy. Yay. Glad you do the same too. I'm feeling so warm and happy knowing I'm not alone in this. :)

Jen. Haha, I love that title. I am now the guardian angel of book recommendations. :)
Aww, thanks for the linkey love too. *blush*

Kimberly. Aww thanks, I just started it last night.

Lydia. Lol. I wonder that too with myself sometime, especially if take goddaughter and she decides to pull books off shelves. :)

Renae. Lol. My family/friends won't come in bookstores with me either.

Jemi. Yeah, I think you're right. Once you start helping people - even if it's your students - it becomes second nature. :)

Nicole. I never thought of it like that. But yeah, I guess we are all bookstore experts by nature now. :)

Susan. Maybe I do. Might be a perfect job for me. Getting paid to be around books all day = heaven.

Vatche. That is so great, a human :)

Talei. Thanks. I do that sometimes too. It's nice to see when you have a book in common, or see someone with a book you've read and smile becasue you loved it.
Welcome to my blog too. Nice to have you here. :)