Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Dear Lucky Agent Contest.

Not sure if you are aware of this but Guide to Literary Agents blog is holding the fourth "Dear Lucky Agent contest from 31st March-14th April.

The top three winners get 1) A critique of 10 pages of your MS by Regina Brooks of Serendipity Literary 2) One-year subscription to WritersMarket.com.

All you need to do is email the first 150-200 words of your MG or YA novel. Oh, and the title and logline.

Check out the link for more details:


Good luck if anyone decides to enter.

In other news check out The Alice Chronicles for a cool post on crutch words. It really got me thinking about the words I use a little bit too much.

Check it out: http://alicechronicles.blogspot.com/


Mayowa said...

I'd love to get in on that contest btt i can't cos my manuscript would probably terrify a lot of young adults lol.

Loved the crutch words link.

Danke much!

Lydia Kang said...

Hey thanks for the link!