Saturday, 29 May 2010

The cinema is like a book.

Going to the cinema is like reading a book.

Stick with me because I'm heading somewhere with this.


Act one: The journey begins.

So we have our main characters - two girls out for fun and entertainment.

Main character arrives at the friend's house. We have to wait for friend's fiancee to get home from work and her toddler to come home from the Grandparents. Both arrive. Little niece sees me and does not want Auntie to go. She wraps her arms around MC legs. MC and friend experience pangs of guilt as she waves us goodbye on the steps.

Arrive at cinema. We have hopes, dreams, apprehension and a goal (watching the film).

The first ticket machine doesn't work. Hurdle to the goal. We try another. No joy. Frustration is abound. The third works. Phew.

Act Two: The tension rises.

Our heroines hit the snack stand. The queue is long and a back-and-forth conversation of "what shall we get?" ensues. We edge closer to being served and still haven't reached a decision. Tension rises. Will our epic journey be defeated by lack of snacks?

No. A fantastic popcorn and 2 drink deal saves the day. Plus we reach a chocolate/Skittles combination and pay.

We head into the cinema and go to find our seats. Seats chosen, we settle in to watch the film.

The various cast of characters appears around us:

The people who sit texting on their phone throughout the movie. Bright distracting light.

The ones behind who give a running commentary. I don't mind talking during a film but isn't it politer to whisper?

The "shush" people. Gotta love the guts there.

And the other minor characters who we don't give names or identities.

The trailers start. We have a lull in the action to catch our breath.
Act Three: Heading to a climax.
Then the film and the story which leads us to our dramatic conclusion.

Our main characters are drawn into the world, snacking on popcorn, slurping drinks and watching the feisty Northern lass and her street dance crew hoping to achieve their dreams. We share their all is lost moment, where the heroine thinks nothing can save her. We hold our breath for the finale and resolution.

Resolution: The satisfying conclusion.

Order is restored. The lights come up and our tow characters leave the cinema chatting happily with a plan to repeat the process with Sex and the City 2.

See. I told you it was like a book.


Palindrome said...

LOL, yes indeedy! I'm one of the shushing people but it's more of "shut your mouth or I'll shut it for you." I have little patience after spending $20 for a movie.

Jana Hutcheson said...

LOL! I love your comment "Gotta love the guts there". So true! Glad you enjoyed your movie!

Mayowa said...


"We reach a chocolate/skittles combination" = Sweet Victory

Sandy Shin said...

:D I rarely ever go to the theatre, but oh yes, do I agree!

Jen said...

Haha this made me chuckle! I loved it! I was unable to read it earlier for fear of someone noticing that I wasn't working productivily, but since I was able to read for a few minutes I took a moment to feel the complete experience!

You are so right exactly like a book. I'm a fan of chocolate and popcorn, the mixture is to die for and there is nothing to clear the mind than to visit the theater to see the wonderful Sex and the City characters. Though slightly upset by the outcome I still love my gals!

Vicki Rocho said...

Interesting analogy. I think we ought to have a contest to see who can come up with the most creative analogy. Writing is like ______. Not sure what my answer would be, but I bet we'd get some fun replies!

Vatche said...

Great comparison and I liked the witty Sex and the City 2 ending, that got me by surprise. Write on, Lindsay (A.K.A Isabella)!

Lindsay (a.k.a Isabella) said...

Palindrome. Haha. I agree. I wish I had the guts to say that to someone. One day, one day. :)

Jana. Lol. Glad you like it. And yup, the movie was fun. Thank you. :)

Mayowa. heehee. It was a sweet victory indeed. :)

Sandy. Glad you enjoyed the post. I think there are a lot of annoying tings that happen in the cinema that annoy us for which we share that common bond. :)

Jen. I've read some reviews about it too that it putting me off. I'll probably still go though. Love the gals too. :)

Vicki.That's an awesome idea Vicki. Love it. :)

Vatche. Glad you liked it. With the Sex and the city 2...I like to suprise. :)

Nishant said...

So true! Glad you enjoyed your movie!
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